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Crochet sweater for dad

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

One open secret about my dad: he is horrible at picking out warm clothes, for anyone. And now around Christmas / New Year of 2020, we all saw an enormous hole in his one really warm sweater.

So I said I would make him a new one after he made it clear he did not want to buy a new one 🙄. He pays for the yarn and my time, deal? Deal!

Side note: This is not the first time I have crocheted clothes before, but those were for me. And I don't count scarves, hats, or arm warmers as clothes, they are accessories.

At first, we both wanted to use yellow and orange Lettlopi for this but they are sold out until April/May because everyone stays at home - and away from the icky, wicky, coughy sicky - and craft more.

Dad and I are not that patients to wait that long. And so we found Easy Care merino wool from Mayflower.

What hurt was that I had already made half an arm sleeve at that point and had to undo it. 😢

Week 1:

The Easy Care yarn came on Monday and this is the progress I made on Wednesday. I am using the colors 037, 047, and 048. Over on, their names are Cognac, Burnt Sienna, and Red Ochre, respectfully. My dad loves orange. And cognac, so...

And then I discovered that I had read the pattern I am halfway using wrong and started increasing to high up the arm. Went back down to a better row and started increasing there.

This is where I am at on Sunday week 1:

And here I am Sunday week 2:

Over on our Instagram profile @ruleofthejewel you can find the progress under the caption "Dad's sweater", this includes the progress I made using Lettlopi before the yarn switch.

I am not doing to update here every week but I will over on IG.

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