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Dad's sweater part 2

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

As I write this, I am working on one shoulder on the back piece after completing the front piece.

And discovered that I have to redesign the sleeves (as I showed in part 1) before I can sew the four pieces together. 🤦‍♀️

When I said I could make this sweater last year, I did not think about sewing ...

I have to learn an all-in-one recipe, so I don't have to sew.

I've seen knitters do it, and I know I can not be the only crocheter who hates hand sewing.

(The first shoulder is finished)

A large part of this generation is that it should be reversible, where one side is more brown than orange, and the other side is more orange than brown. I know that the best seam that will hold in place and not seem too much is the mattress seam.

I have crocheted, so the technique and the result are a little different than what is described on the page.

I hate mattress sewing, it takes way too long and my hands always look like pincushions when I'm done 🤕. But it is also worth the result.

(Second shoulder finished. The back piece is finished.


One side up

The other side up

Yes, I'm aware that the color combination is 70's. It was also part of this project.

I'm going to post the recipe for this generation when I'm done sewing and Dad's have tried it.

Now over to the mat to figure out how to crochet the sleeves so they fit. 🤓 📑

It will be commented on in the next part.

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