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Harvest's End

Now that the migratory birds have flown, it's time for the last harvest of the year. The Bargain Bead Box November 21 is an ode to autumn in festive red and green, with tiger eye's golden brown charm and the sweet warm tones of rose gold.

An inspiration board showing a grapevine, a peach-colored graphic leaf branch, a basket of apples toppled over on the ground. Below is a thin horizontal stip of rose gold foil, tigereye beads in different sizes, and a second strip of rose gold. At the bottom of the inspiration board is a picture of a cornfield in the sunset.

I have avoided writing about the beads from November because something happened. Not just with my box, but more international customers. And just thinking about it makes me so SALTY.




And that was enough for Bargain Bead Box to switch couriers to the USPS. Very easy transition as the sister store uses USPS for international customers.

Let me show you what I should have received:

I was refunded the amount for the November box and jumped over to the Bead Box Bargain store and bought what I could from what should have arrived in my mailbox.

It was not as much as I hoped for, so I put a little more in the shopping cart and dug into the beads I already have. I found some lava rocks, shells, and glass beads.

Of all the tiger’s eye beads from the box, I only found the pendant in the store, but I have some tiger’s eye beads from before. But I would have been so happy to get more 😤

Told you I'm salty.

The consolation prize is that I got the Dahlia beads (the three khaki greens at the bottom left in picture 3) for free. And I found the cutest porcelain beads of owls and pandas (not in the picture). I am not sure whether to use them now or wait.

I'm also not sure if I'll use the green glass beads for this month.

There will be a separate post for everything I have finished.

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