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What do we use the inspiration boards for?

The short answer is inspiration.

We use, a picture and video editing website, to find photos for color reference and different shapes that can be used together.

For example in the Autumn Horizons inspiration board there is a fox, and we happened to have 2 porcelain beads that is painted to look like foxes, and 2 lampwork beads shaped as raccoons, so we know that they can be used there.

We put the photos in Adobe's color wheel program to find additional colors that can be used with the different box palettes, that we might not have thought of otherwise.

Or to find colors that sets a specific mood.

Like these:

It depends on what we set the mood (bright/colorful, rich, light, dark or muted) we set the color wheel to be, on which colors we get out of the photo, so one photo can give us several palettes, and you can adjust the colors manually:

These two palettes came from the light and muted color moods. I would not have thought of the yellows of the moss in the picture.

Other times we put the whole board into the color wheel program to get a general feel of additional colors:

So, above you see the Roses are pink inspiration board, that was made with the key words 'rose', 'rose gold' and 'quartz', and form that we got a beige, a bright pink (almost magenta), a soft pink, mid brown and a grey color. We told the color wheel we wanted a pale/soft color palette considering all the rose quartz that came in that box. I would never have thought to put this bright pink into this palette but it works.

These tools came in handy when I designed the bracelets inspired by the northern lights. if you create a design via this link I earn a credit point I can use on premium content (you don't have to click this link but if if you want to create something for social media or just play around with shapes and colors, this website is highly recommended).

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