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A Tiny New Business

rule of the jewel is a small business owned and run by a multi-cultural couple.

“Crafting can be an escape from the world. It helps us through the hard times by keeping us focused on something creative and beautiful.” - unknown

Hi! My name is Line and I have had a lot to escape from in my life. The last year of middle school, a year after I decided to keep on living, my new homeroom teacher cultivated uniqueness in all of her students. I was still the weird one. I was the only girl that needed special classes (ADHD and dyslexia), I didn’t do sports, dance, band or anything like my fellow students did. 

My days consisted of school, homework, doodling, and crafting. The homeroom teacher noticed and let me do the two later during all her classes, as long as I got the classwork done.

And that is how I functioned until Uni where I meet Ronald. As our relationship grew he saw how creative I am and urged me to start selling my creations and teach him how to do it too.

And here we are. This tiny new business. We started first with Etsy under the name: Newat this craft, in 2019. It has been a learning curve. And now it is time for our place. Right here.

I love wearing accessories as a way to show who and how I am. I want to help you do the same.

We strive for rule of the jewel to be a place where you can find unique accessories that show the world, YOU.

a picture of the Amantheia bracelet. showing all of the different textures from the chain and beads.
Our Story: Our Story
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