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Burgundy Boho finished jewelry

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Finished this batch of jewelry with the November 2020 box from the Bargain Bead Box.

A closer look:

All for sets were made with the ear hooks that came in the box. The upper left earring pair was made with agate beads and bead caps from the box. And two oval rhinestones from my stash charm where I took out the plastic rhinestone and filled the space with nail polish. The upper right was made with the filigree links, bead caps, and soft lilac/grey colored rainbow fluorite from the box, with small pieces of chain from my stash. I used both sets of bigger tassels in the two lower earring pairs. The lower right pair also has crystal rondelles and bead caps from the box.

The red bracelet contains the fluted melon beads, spacer beads, bead caps, and toggle claps from the box. The red bracelet is strung on nylon thread with seed beads from my stash. The purple bracelet was made using dolomite, spacer beads, bead caps, toggle claps, and purple-colored rainbow fluorite. The purple bracelet is strung on silk thread with wire guards from my bead stash.

I used the whole 18" strand of violet crystal rondelles, the tassel focal, a 4" long tail of chain, and one of the triangle tassel drops along with two spacer beads from the box in this necklace. I also put in some freshwater pearls on the necklace strand.

Most of the red rondelles and spacer were used in this necklace. Along with two gray rainbow fluorite beads and the wreath link, and the last triangle tassel drop.

And lastly is this set.

Using most of the chain, a few dolomite beads, and all of the lampwork beads with a multi-strand magnetic lock and a piece of copper wire made this set elegant and sparkly.

There isn't much left of the materials we got from the box.

So to sum up:

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