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The Bargain Bead Box: Celtic Inspiration

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Rich greens and sparkling teal combine with silver findings make up this Celtic collection. Highlights include green aventurine teardrops and leaves, half-matte agate, triquetra, and Dara knot.

As you can see I have already made a set of the aventurine teardrops and a little less than half the chain.

While I researched for inspiration of what to make with this collection I came across a fact I did not know: Celts didn't use silver in their jewelry before the Vikings started sailing, before that the Celts used gold or iron.

I also found two ornamental keys in the same silver tone as the findings above. Keys were an important symbol for Viking women, the keys were a status symbol of the lady of the house.

This collection will be inspired by both the Celts and the Vikings. There will be at least one torc/torq/torque made. At least.

I don't have any favorites this month, they all sing out to me equally.

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