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The Bargain Bead Box: Vintage Violet

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

it was mentioned before that this gives of 1920-1930s vibe, and having this box in front of me that vibe is just intensified.

On our Facebook page, you can see me unboxing this gorgeous palette.

The description of this bead box is:

Antique bronze and rich purple tones combine to create a vintage-inspired palette with faceted amethyst, purple quartz, a full strand of freshwater pearls, and a variety of crystal and glass accents.

And all for 17$ USD per box + 4$ USD for international shipping? Big win!

So many beautiful shapes and colors, my favorites of the April box are the dark purple nacre pearls, the faceted amethysts, and the glass butterflies.

This time Ronald also picked his favorites, the medallions, the faceted purple iris coin beads, and the flower links (that didn't make it into this picture for some reason).

Ronald may have just picked out components for his belated birthday present, but don't tell him that 🤫

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