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All heart's day

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

That is a literal translation of one of the Norwegian names for Valentine's day.


Today (14.02.2021) is also Norwegian Mother's day and Faselavn (a Lutheran Carnival in Norway, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands). So today is heavy with some form of celebration.

But an even more important celebratory day was yesterday 13.02. A day we believe should be celebrated at least monthly. The Self-Love day.

Self-love doesn't mean being egotistical. Self-love means putting your well-being and health in high regard. In other words, not lighting yourself on fire to keep others warm. It means getting away from toxic people and situations.

And there are too many people that need to be reminded to love themself.

That is why Self-Love day should be celebrated at least monthly.

And that is something we will do here. Each month we will remind everyone that comes across us to love themself.

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