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So, I am not recovered yet. I have migraines several times a week, muscle pain, and muscle fatigue. and any creative idea I get goes bye-bye before I can write them down.

Yeah, I think I have the SADs (seasonal affective disorder)

The Mayo Clinic has the best overview of SAD, in my opinion.

But over to the bead box I got in the mail this month:

Spirals are one of the oldest symbols of humanity's many cultures. This ancient symbol can represent femininity, the cycle of life, the path of the sun, birth, and rebirth, to name a few.

It will all depend on the direction of the spiral and where in the world it is.

Spirals are one of the symbols that are objectively pleasing to the eye. You can find spirals everywhere, the arrangement of rose petals, the sunflower seeds, snail houses, and fingerprints. How cool isn't that?

The reason you get this little info dump about spirals is that it is the front and center of this beautiful bead mix. The timeless symbol is paired with gorgeous earth tones a little mint and blue. It is the color scheme you get from pictures of old temples and pyramids.

My favorites are the carnelian teardrop pendant, the Dzi-style agate focal bead (just look at that pattern ❣), peach-colored cat-eye beads, the red porcelain beads, and the big spiral pendant

And I have some olive green cat-eye beads that will go perfect with this mix.

I am so happy.

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