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Taking wing

With falling temperatures and color-changing plants, we can hear wing beats from migratory birds. October 2021 is about celebrating the autumn colors.

Mood board for the bargain bead box October 2021 theme. the board shows a bird eating red berries, graphic representations of flying birds, and a close-up photo of yellow and purple feathers. inspirasjonstavle, Humørbrett, kunstinspirasjonstavle, farge palett, fargepalett fra bilde, fargevalg, fargepalett,  inspiration board, mood board, art inspiration board, color palette, color palette from image, color scheme, colour palette, colour palette from image, colour scheme,

This took longer to write than I like to admit, partly because there was some technical clutter with the blog post a little wooly mess. And partly because I was hoping to make a double-up blog with both October and November, but it did not happen. Why will be clear on (November 21). Thirdly because I did not get the pearls until November because people went completely crazy around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Covid-19 was not so kind to the people either.

But mostly because I wanted to finish Dad's sweater first (finished it in December).

But I could find other jewelry makers on YouTube who had gotten their box so I quickly got ideas.

So this month's theme was "Taking wing" (idiom, means to start flying/to wander) with a lot of feather motifs. Fantastic colors in yellow, purple, brown, cream, and gold.

The bargain pearl box October 2021 content. To the left are mookaite pearls in several past and colors. Round beads in two sizes, a long row of mookaite chips, faceted nuggets, and a hand-carved wing pendant. Just below is a row of sesame jasper. To the right are glass beads in purple, yellow, gold, and beige. At the bottom of the picture are several metal parts, including the spring pendant and chain. lage smykker smykkelaging for nybegynnere materialer til smykkerlaging, smykkelaging sett, perler for å lage smykker, nybegynnere lage smykker, mookaite perler,  jewelry making jewelry making for beginners jewelry making supplies, jewelry making kit, beads for jewelry making, beginner jewelry making kit, mookaite beads

The package was rich in a semi-precious stone I have not heard of before: Mookaite, which I fell head over heels for. This is a big part of why I subscribe to this pearl package, to work with materials I am not familiar with.

As mentioned above, I like mookaite: the chips, the faceted nugget, the wing, and the round beads (both large and small).

The glass beads compliment the semi-precious stone so beautifully.

And the big gold feather: 😍

I have not been able to design very much with the content, but I have done something.

lage smykker, ideer til å lage smykker, ferdige smykker, moukaite smykker, mookaite smykker,  jewelry making,  jewelry making ideas, finished jewelry, moukaite jewelry, mookaite jewelry

I have made a bracelet with some of the small feather charms, purple crystal beads, and one sesame jasper bead.

I took four of the large round mookaite beads and four of the mookaite nuggets and a good chunk of the metal necklace and made a necklace / wrap-around bracelet.

Most of the mookaite chips and middle beads were used in a necklace that I most likely put on a new wire or take off the wire guards because they do not cooperate.

And I have used the yellow crystal beads, some purple crystals, and red glass beads in a RAW piece of jewelry by following Orchid and Opal's video.

The last nugget of stone I attached to the mookaite wing is ready to be put on string or leather thread. I'm still not sure which one I'll choose.

When I have finished with all the designs I can come up with, a separate post will be written with more details for those who are interested.

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